Jake A. Lepper


Michael D. Klimmeck

Jake A. Lepper and Michael D. Klimmeck
Jake A. Lepper and Michael D. Klimmeck

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Here’s a semi-accurate summary

It was a cold, gusty day in June. Jake was sitting at home, exhausted from another long shift of saving lives and chasing down criminals. He was winding down by swiping mindlessly through Bumble and BOOM, the most attractive man he’d ever seen popped up on his screen. An instant swipe right. That love story was never to be, so he ended up swiping right on the next person he saw, Michael. Not wanting to seem desperate, he didn't message first and went to bed. He awoke to a message, “Hey, how’s it going?” Of course, Jake was immediately infatuated. Such eloquent, sweet nothings had never been written to him in all of his years.

Naturally, a date in downtown Madison followed in July 2017. Jake walked Michael to his door after dropping him off and gave him a kiss goodbye. This led to a few more dates, lots of late nights (Jake) and even a few early mornings (Klimmecks wake up entirely too early). Michael fell hopelessly in love with Jake’s dog, Francis, and knew Jake needed to be the one if he wanted to keep the dog around. So that settled that, and now here we are.

You reading a story you probably already knew to get out of doing actual work for a few minutes and us ready to share our love with our friends and family. You are obligated to be nice to us at our wedding, even if we aren’t nice to you.