Jake A. Lepper


Michael D. Klimmeck

Wedding Party

Allison J. Lepper

Maid of Honor

When she isn’t busy saving lives in the emergency room or galavanting around Madison’s socialite circles, Ally loves to curl up with a nice cup of hot cocoa and the latest schmaltzy romance novel.

Patrick Klimmeck

Best Man

World renowned explorer, Patrick, first heard Michael and Jake were dating immediately after breaking the world record time for penguin sledding across Antarctica. When Patrick is not exploring, he enjoys spending his time being an inch shorter than his younger brother.

Alyssa M. Moehrke


Alyssa single handedly got Jake through the police academy by allowing him to practice all of his self defense techniques endlessly on her poor, ancient body. They grew so close after the academy that they lived together unhappily for 2.5 years. She recently broke a hip but will be convalesced before the wedding.

Max RJ. Lepper


Max is the embodiment of cool, confident, effortless swagger. He sports looks rarely seen outside of the pages of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. You will find him fastidiously attending to the minutia of being a Gen Z’r who chooses to navigate the cut throat, exotic realm of street wear.

Carson Schneider


Heir to a vast empire of comfort services, Carson knows hedonism. While taking a break from being better than you, he enjoys reliving the high point of his life- twice winning the state basketball tournament in high school- through unsolicited conversations with strangers.

Bret T. Lepper

Father of the Groom

Only a tyrannosaurus would possess bigger shoes to fill. Jake will forever be vying to live up to the legacy of his father’s 27 years as a calm, and cunning policeman-turned-detective. Ranking somewhere between John McClane and Thomas Magnum, he has a macabre sense of humor that could only be improved by a beautifully thick cop ‘stache.

Jessica Lepper

Mother of the Groom

An educator who just as easily could have had a successful career as a drill sergeant, Jake’s mom taught her kids to be ambitious, kind, and unfuckwithable. She is surely on the Vatican’s shortlist for beatification at some point in the future.

Cynthia L. Klimmeck

Mother of the Groom

Celebrated gnome arranger and almond enthusiast Cindy is the reincarnation of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. When she isn't napping or on her yoga mat she can be found traversing the precarious peaks of Park Ridge listening to Adele.

K. Thomas Klimmeck

Father of the Groom

Original navigator for Ponce De Leon, Tom discovered the fountain of youth in 1525. He has steadfastly refused to share its location with Michael and continues to enjoy its everlasting lifebringing benefits to this day. In his over 500 years Tom coined the phrase Renasissance Man, anxiously awaited Amelia Airhart on the other side of the Pacifc, and was asked if he was the most interesting man alive for trying to run up Broadway during rush hour.